The Talbot Trilogy

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Readers talk about Mist and Midnight…

“As The Talbot Trilogy continues, Charlotte Fanning is playing a larger role but Mist and Midnight is Charlotte’s story and how she came to Talbot in the first place. More importantly, Mist and Midnight is the story of how de Sade, the sadistic vampire who has been nothing short of evil came to Talbot . . . I am such a huge fan of backstory and history that I knew I was going to like this novella length read. Charlotte is becoming more important as The Talbot Trilogy continues so to know how she and de Sade got to Talbot and how she met Pike was quite interesting for me . . . (I) enjoyed this read and would certainly recommend it to readers of The Talbot Trilogy.” — Rolopolo Book Blog

“I wanted more as always, but this novella was very satisfying and I enjoyed every word of it as I knew I would.” — Emily Hetherington

“This prequel to the Talbot Trilogy is a mesmerizing and intriguing read. I was totally caught up in this quick read and while I wish it had been longer the author managed to pack a lot of story in this novella.” — Eva Millien

“Well written with good characters . . . it has me anticipating the next book in the series.” — Amanda

“This short vampire story immediately draws you in. The witch heroine Charlotte and the hunky hero Pike first see each other at a train station. The chemistry is instantaneous . . .
This story surprised me. I liked that. There are many vampire stories that seem to be carbon copies of one another. I liked that the hero and heroine weren’t afraid to get caught up in the heat of the moment, and that the magic (as in spells) felt real to me. The pacing was great, the sex was hot, and the characters seemed very real and unforced. The story was realistic, in that I could believe in the events taking place, even if they were supernatural in origin.” — Tara Fox Hall

“My absolute favorite story is one in which the main characters fight a villain together and the only question is whether they will live rather than whether they will love. Wonderful story.” — Olivia Ritch

“I LOVED it . . . I love Pike and Charlotte . . . two very strong characters . . .I wanna read more!!! Great writing . . . I felt like I was there . . . Kudos girl!!” — Crystal P.

“I absolutely loved ‘Mist and Midnight’; the descriptions and suspense were beautifully written, the heroine Charlotte was strong and intriguing, and Pike in one word was “Yum!”:) I look forward to reading more of your work.” — Megan Hussey

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