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Praises for Crystal and Wand…

“In this final chapter of the Talbot Trilogy the forces for good and evil finally confront each other in an apocalyptic battle.
Once again, Ms Ridgewood’s superb writing will carry you along into the maelstrom which the sleepy town of Talbot has become.
You will find all your old friends from the first two books between the pages of this one but I can’t guarantee they will all still be there by the end. To find out you will have to read it for yourself.
Go on! I dare you!” — Jenny Twist

“This 3rd book rounds off the series very nicely. Unfortunately I wasn’t available to edit when Tori asked me, so I had a torturous wait for it to be published before I could read it!

It picks up right where we left them in book 2, with just enough of a recap to remind you what’s going on without boring you or being tedious. Then the adventure continues with just as much excitement as before. There are various twists to the tale that keep you on your toes and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it continued past the point where it felt like it might be about to end. There were actually other things to deal with that I had briefly forgotten about, so I was delighted to find there was more to come.

When it did end, it ended with style. I was left feeling very satisfied and happy knowing what happened to the characters after they’d had a chance to calm down from all the excitement.” — Emily Hetherington

“The third and final installment of The Talbot Trilogy opens in the aftermath of the huge magical event caused by Charlotte and Rayvin. Though their magic was able to temporarily stop the wave of violence brought on by Jason, de Sade, and the newly created army of the undead the fight is far from over and Talbot is on the brink of total destruction. . .

One of the highlights of the read is the epilogue. Have I mentioned how much I love it when an author adds an epilogue and uses it well? Crystal and Wand’s epilogue isn’t just a great what happens after all the awful, it is also quite the little teaser. While I firmly believe The Talbot Trilogy has come to an end, I don’t get the sense Ridgewood is done with this particular cast of characters. There is still a lot that can be done with the Talbot group and it will be interesting to see where Ridgewood takes them in the future.” — RoloPoloBookBlog

“[P]rovided good closure for the characters.” — Lisa Dess

“CRYSTAL AND WAND is the third and final full-length novel in the Talbot Trilogy. Rayvin and Charlotte must combine their powers to defeat the vampires Jason Lucas and Malcolm de Sade. CRYSTAL AND WAND picks up right after the end of book two in the trilogy, BLOOD AND FIRE. The writing is solid and the characters are consistent throughout the trilogy. CRYSTAL AND WAND is full of twists and turns . . . an exciting and well-constructed end to the Talbot Trilogy.” — Star

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