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Four stars for Blood and Fire!

“Bloody. Crappin’. Hell. Tori L. Ridgewood pulls no punches with round two of The Talbot Trilogy and, in fact, she comes out swinging with some serious action, some serious character development and, one really exciting read. In all, Blood and Fire is a totally character-driven read that is complimented by an ever-evolving plot that is both intricate and interesting. . .

As you might have guessed this ragtag group of humans, witches and supernatural eventually come together to put a serious whoop ass on de Sade and his gang of evil undead. The plan is beyond crazy and by the time everyone comes together they are facing more than just de Sade. Jason is on the rise and his army is bound and determined to please him and when the smoke finally clears not everyone is still standing and the allegiances that have been formed had my head spinning.

The Bottom Line: I am so damn pleased with this read! Blood and Fire shows no signs of slowing down and Tori L. Ridgewood has come to play!! This book starts off fast and doesn’t let up until the very end. New and exciting characters are introduced, the older characters are believably evolving and, the plot is thickening with each turn of the virtual page. Loyalties are tested and strengthened, love is challenged and, the strength (both emotional and physical) of all is put to the ultimate test. Ridgewood is a polished writer who puts out well-written, finely edited books that have a tendency to just drag you right on in and not let you go until the very end. I promise you, you won’t care about being sucked in and will probably be pissy about the end of the read 🙂 I am putting it out there right now, The Talbot Trilogy is shaping up to be one of my all-time favorites and something I feel comfortable labelling as a highly recommended read.” — RoloPoloBookBlog

“Rayvin Woods had to give herself over a powerful vampire to save the people that she loves most, and she is being used for the sole purpose of creating half vampire-half witch children. She has tried to reach out to the Society of Hunters and Investigators of the Paranormal, also known as S.H.I.P. to help with the very powerful vampire. . .[who] will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He is creating an army of vampires in the small town of Talbot. Knowing that Rayvin is pregnant his plan is starting to take off in the right direction.

Grant Michaels has finally learned that he is not a creature of the night and has found someone who can train him. Grant wants nothing more than to kill some vampires and make his town safe again. As Soloman is training Grant he learns more about Rayvin Woods and is convinced to go to Talbot with Grant to help.

This is the second book in the Talbot Trilogy. I did like how each chapter lets you follow the characters as multiple stories are being told that will eventually bring everyone together. There is a vampire army being created along with witches and shape-shifters coming to help Rayvin. . .

My Favorite Heartfelt Moment: I am torn between Rayvin and Grant reuniting and Rayvin finding out that her dad is alive.

My Favorite Pep Talk Moment: “Whatever love you are feeling for Grant, and whatever hate you’re feeling for me, put it into this fight. You need that energy. We all do.” — Mindy Bigham

“Blood and Fire is the second book in The Talbot Trilogy, and it’s action-packed with shapeshifters, vampires, and witches. This book picks up where book one, Wind and Shadow ended, so be sure to read it first. Now the hard part. How to review a book two without spoilers from both books?

Many new characters are introduced in this second book. What’s interesting is that the chapters alternate between the characters, telling different stories until everyone comes together near the end (which by the way is a bit of a cliffhanger). At times I really liked the switch-up since it kept things moving forward and exciting. But sometimes I felt a bit annoyed–I’d just get into something and it’s off to another place.

Though this book is quite different from book one, I enjoyed it just as much. I still really like main character Rayvin a lot. There’s lots of action and new characters to keep the story fresh. Definitely a really good follow-up to Wind and Shadow.” — Kimber Wheaton

“Follow Rayvin’s struggle with her new life following her regrettable decision at the end of Wind and Shadow while she waits and desperately hopes for help to arrive from somewhere. A few intriguing new characters arrive and we discover more about the evil de Sade’s background, too.

Blood and Fire is an excellent follow-up to Wind and Shadow. I can’t wait for the final instalment!” — Emily Hetherington

“Witch Rayvin Woods is the lover of the ancient vampire Malcolm De Sade, who wants to breed with a witch in order to create a new breed of vampire hybrid. Rayvin’s friends and her home town are overrun by De Sade’s people. Rayvin only went with De Sade to save the man she loves from a fate worse than death. In BLOOD AND FIRE, Rayvin is trying to subtly get away from De Sade, but she is thwarted at every turn. She’s sent out a cry for help, hoping that anyone who shows up will not be too late. I enjoyed the new characters in BLOOD AND FIRE as well as the interplay between Grant and his new mentor. Rayvin’s dominant personality has been submerged some by the events in WIND AND SHADOW and BLOOD AND FIRE, so I hope we see a resurgence of it in the final book. It is good to see that Rayvin’s not alone in her fight against the vampires and I hope we learn more about these new characters. Maybe they’ll get their own novellas. BLOOD AND FIRE is wicked hot, but you should definitely read WIND AND SHADOW first as BLOOD AND FIRE jumps right into the action!” — Star

“The second book in the Talbot Trilogy is a mesmerizing paranormal read that keeps the adrenaline pumping. The author has created a fascinating paranormal story that sends chills up the spine and the captivating characters and their stories really inspire curiosity. I can’t wait to read the outcome of this thrilling battle. It is really best that the Talbot Trilogy be read in order starting with the prequel as the battle continues through each book.” — Eva Millien

“I have read and reviewed this first book in the The Talbot Trilogy and I absolutely liked it so much so when I was was asked to review Blood and Fire I just to accept and I am so happy I did because I love this one as much as I loved the first book.

Blood and Fire is well written and I was hooked from the very beginning. So far I know I will read these books over again in the near future and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in this trilogy.” — Chantale Canadian Book Addict

“I loved this book as much as I did the first. It’s a little sexy, a little dangerous, and a whole lot of exciting. The external and internal conflicts are tense and the consequences have the potential to be dire. All the characters show some personal flaws, but really, who’s perfect? This is a great adventure story for older teens on up to adults who love a good vampire tale. I can’t wait for the third and final installment of the Talbot Trilogy! I’m giving Blood and Fire 4.5 stars!” — J. Walker

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